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Building Good Habits for Kids

Consistent eye exams are important from a young age to build good habits and ensure that your children’s eyes are healthy. Our dedicated team at McCauley Celin Eyecare Associates recognizes the importance of consistent vision care from a young age.

An early examination of your children’s eyes can help detect vision problems that could interfere with their academic life and potentially affect their safety. 

Book an appointment with us today to get your children used to vision care and to understand the importance of consistent exams.

A young girl wearing glasses, which can help treat conditions like myopia.

Importance of Children’s Eye Exams

The importance of children’s eye exams shows itself in the classroom. Around 80 percent of what your children learn at school is presented through a visual medium. Healthy vision can help your children academically and prevent some unnecessary struggles. 

Early eye exams can also help determine if your children are developing the necessary visual skills that are essential for optimal learning, such as:

  • Visual acuity at all distances
  • Accurate and comfortable eye coordination skills
  • Accurate eye movement skills

Another significant aspect of early eye exams is to check for refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism

Healthy vision can make all the difference in your children’s early development. Ensuring your children have all the visual tools to succeed is a major goal of our team at McCauley Celin Eyecare Associates.

Scheduling an Eye Exam for Your Child

Scheduling an exam for your children depends on their age and how far along their vision development is. Generally, an eye exam with your children will include a case history, vision testing, and determining if they need prescription eyeglasses. 

When meeting with our team, be sure to tell your eye doctor if your children are displaying the following symptoms

  • Frequent eye rubbing
  • Excessive blinking
  • Poor eye tracking skills
  • Failure to maintain eye contact

These symptoms can help your eye doctor determine what other tests your child may need and what issues to focus on. Our team will also test for eye alignment and conduct a comprehensive eye health evaluation to look for potential eye health issues.

Eye Exams for Infants

Vision care starts as young 6 months of age. Your baby will be able to process focusing ability, color vision, and depth perception by then.

To test that your baby’s vision is developing normally, your eye doctor will use various tests to determine their eye health:

  • Pupil response tests evaluate whether the eye’s pupil opens and closes properly when reacting to the presence or absence of light.
  • The fixate and follow test focuses on whether your baby’s eyes can fixate on and follow an object such as light as it moves.

The preferential looking test involves using cards that are blank on one side with stripes on the other side to attract the gaze of your baby to the stripes.

An eye exam can help children at all stages of development. It’s no different with preschool-aged children who do not need to know all their letters to undergo certain testing.

Some common eye tests used for preschool-aged children include:

  • LEA symbols are similar to regular eye tests and use charts with letters and include special symbols such as apples, houses, squares, and circles.
  • Retinoscopy testing involves shining a light into the eye to observe the reflection from the back of the eye—this helps determine if your child has a developing cataract or significant refractive error.
  • Random dot stereopsis testing uses special patterns of dots and 3D glasses to determine how well your children’s eyes work together.

Consistent eye exams from an early age can help catch or prevent any significant vision issues that your children may be developing or have developed.

Maintaining Good Eye Care Habits

Eye exams from an early age are designed to catch and treat any vision issues at an early age and present an opportunity to develop healthy vision care habits through your children’s developmental ages. 

Book an appointment with us to schedule an eye exam for your children and start building up their good habits today.

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