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What Diseases Can Be Detected in an Eye Exam?

A young woman undergoing an eye exam.

Regular eye exams are crucial for maintaining vision and eye health, but they can also be a window to your overall well-being. During an eye examination, an optometrist or ophthalmologist can unearth early signs of eye diseases and other overall health conditions, many of which you might be unaware of.  Here are 11 conditions and […]

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Does Astigmatism Get Worse?

A man looking at his phone and squinting at it, as he's having difficulty seeing

Astigmatism can present a range of challenges, from headaches and blurred vision to difficulty driving or playing sports. Many people with astigmatism often wonder if it will get worse over time.  Yes, astigmatism can indeed worsen over time. However, its progression differs for everyone and varies from person to person. Causes & Symptoms of Astigmatism  […]

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